Star brite Tower Guard Aluminum Cleaner and Protectant

Tower Guard #80922

It used to be that one of the hardest parts of maintaining the boat was keeping polished metal surfaces looking good & free of corrosion. The solution is Star brite's new Tower Guard. The special polymers provide a barrier to salt and UV damage while also adding a deep durable shine. It is easy to use. Either spray directly onto the surface and wipe with a clean, soft cloth or spray onto a cloth to wipe down railings, outriggers, guide wires or any other polished metal surfaces, taking care not to apply to steps. Use Tower Guard as a fast and easy way to protect the polished metal surfaces of the boat after washing to prevent corrosion and add beauty. It can be used between washings, too, when you want to quickly detail the boat.

Star brite Tower Guard; part of the new "Guard" family of boat care solutions from Star brite.

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