Star brite Reggae Mitt Microfiber Wash & Dry Glove


After you wash the boat you need a fast easy way to dry it: Star brite's new Reggae Mitt. It uses the same thick absorbent material as the Reggae Mop, Reggae Pad & Reggae Sponge so it absorbs water without scratching glass, fiberglass or polished metal surfaces. This makes it the ideal way for drying the boat from vinyl upholstery to windows. Because you can wear it like a mitt it can dry hard to reach places as well as railing and outriggers easily. It is also ideal for washing the boat as well as for quick cleanups such as morning dew, footprints and general spills and stains.

Star brite's new versatile, multi-purpose Reggae Mitt; part of the Reggae family of boat care solutions from Star brite.