Star brite Plastic Restorer and Polish - Headlight Restorer

Plastic Restorer & Polish #87208 and 87308

After several years exposure to UV rays, weather and salt water, even the best clear plastic enclosure can become hazy and yellowed. Star brite Clear Plastic Restorer is the safe, effective solution specifically formulated to restore clear plastic enclosures. Clear Plastic Restorer is very easy to use too. Just pour a small amount on a clean soft cloth and then, working in small areas roughly 3 feet by 3 feet, apply in a circular overlapping motion. There is no hard rubbing required. Allow to dry to a haze and use a dry soft cloth to reveal the restored surface. To maintain the restored surface, apply a protective coat of Star brite Clear Plastic Polish. Star brite Clear Plastic Restorer is the solution to hazy enclosures.

Another Star brite solution for boat care.