Star brite Odor Guard and Surface Cleaner Spray

Odor Guard #95322

Wouldn't it be great if you could clean the hard surfaces of the boat and freshen the cabin all with one product? Star brite's Odor Guard does just that. Captain Kevin relies on it to clean the interior of "Star brite" on countertops, stainless steel surfaces, backsplashes, appliances and cooktops. The surfactants loosen dirt for easy wipe-up. He also uses it on leather, vinyl surfaces, as well as the salon table to clean and deodorize in one step. It is equally handy in the staterooms and heads too. It is safe for use on all granite, marble, Formica, and polished metal surfaces as well as on porcelain and fiberglass commodes. You can also use it as to freshen comforters and pillows and all interior spaces. It works great on pet, food and cigarette odors, too.

Star brite Odor Guard; part of the new Guard family of boat care solutions from Star brite.

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